Blue Flags & Black Grass

We had a great time in Alaska!

Fairview Inn - Talkeetna, AK

Mountain High Pizza Pie - Talkeetna, AK

Upcoming Shows

Fri Jan 31st
w/ Sequoia and Corwin Bolt
at Turn Turn Turn

N Killingsworth and Williams

Thurs Feb 13th

w/ Emma Allen and Nina Yates

Starday Tavern

SE Foster
9 o'clock


Thurs March 12

w/ Dumpster Joe and Mike Smith (MDC)

Starday Tavern

SE Foster
9 o'clock



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Blue Flags & Black Grass has been performing in Portland and the PNW for nearly 10 years. This past summer, BFBG had a great adventure playing around Alaska. You can typically find Blue Flags at summer festivals such as NW Folklife, Oregon Country Fair, Sh'Bang, Cascadia Rendezvous and other events. Blue Flags has been hosting jug band workshops for kids and adults alike. In February,  Blue Flags released their latest album, Sweet Dee's Kitchen.

Blue Flags & Black Grass is a combination of many flavors of acoustic American Roots Music.  With the instrumentation of Banjo, Res-o-phonic Guitar, Fiddle, Washboard, Kazoo and Upright Bass, Blue Flags emulates the String Bands of the 1920s and ‘30s. Their typical gig will blend Ragtime, Viper Jazz, Country Blues, Old-Time, Jug Band and Bluegrass. As well as performing classic standards and dusting off hidden gems, Blue Flags also features original songs by Flip ‘Fats’ McGuire.

Flip McGuire - Banjo, Res-o-phonic Guitar, Kazoo

Jason Reichert - Res-o-phonic Guitar, Harps

Elwood Johncox - Upright Bass

Aaron Koch - Washboard

Jeffrey Reynolds - Fiddle

Andrew Alikhanov - Clarinet

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